Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Phoenix review

Hear & Now Media have a review of the late show in Phoenix last night:

"Raphaelle Standell-Preston greeted the crowd and was given a very warm response. She timidly explained that they had discussed what they did wrong in the first show, and that they will try and fix it for us. The show consisted of mostly (if not all) new material played a little looser than the recordings, which gave a nice twist to the songs after listening to their album on repeat for the last two months. She expressed her gratitude and excitement for finally playing back in Arizona, as they had spent time here when recording Deep in the Iris. After about twenty-five minutes, she announced that they would be playing their last song, which was their latest single “Miniskirt.” Executed with perfection, it fit well as the tail end of their set, although I was not ready for it to be over."

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