Thursday, June 18, 2015

Las Vegas Weekly interview

Really nice interview with Austin & Raphaelle at Las Vegas Weekly. Nice to see some discussion of 'Sore Eyes'. Here's an excerpt:

“Sore Eyes” is more of a dancey track, but the lyrics deals with watching porn and feeling dirty and guilty afterward. That’s such a loaded topic to bring to the forefront, especially in music. 

RSP: It’s cool that you recognize that, ’cause I feel like not a lot of people have really brought it up and sometimes I wonder if people really listen to the lyrics at all. It is kind of an interesting topic that isn’t really discussed within pop culture right now. Pornography is a huge thing in our culture—it’s just so dominant. It’s just an honest reflection on how I felt watching pornography, not that I have anything super against it.

Most pornography I find to be very demeaning towards women, and that kind of stuff I don’t like. That’s the kind of stuff that is very much on the Internet, and if you’re cruising or something that’s what you’ll find and I think that’s what a lot of people consume. I get afraid, I guess, of—and the song isn’t really about this—but how little discussion there is in schools about what people are viewing. I think it’s that fear that kind of makes the whole thing feel really gross and dirty.

But speaking of the song, it’s just about watching it and also feeling pressured to behave in that way. There’s a lyric, “Make believe that I’m in touch with myself, do the kind of things I watch from someone else.” So, thinking that you are in touch with yourself if you’re sexually active or if you’re explorative, being like “Oh yeah, I really get myself,” but it’s like, oh, actually I’m just trying to re-enact this image that I’ve seen over and over and over again. So I was just re-evaluating, like, “Am I actually being honest and true with what it is that I want to do?” Or is this me just trying to be sexy and be this image that I’ve seen?

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