Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Clips and Photos from Seattle

#seattle #braids #miniskirt #showbox bought a cd to support the music :) I loved her sound and you can tell she loves what she does. #passion. It's not like I'm feeling much different Than a woman my age years ago Liberated is what you wanna call it How about unfairly choked Cause I know some just see my body And every girl I know at some point stopped eating I am not a man hater I enjoy them like cake But in my position I'm the slut I'm the bitch I'm the whore The one you hate And there's a name for this kind of man A soft one at that Womanizer Casanova Lothario For us it's just a stamp to the head For them another notch in the bed It's like I'm wearing red And if I am You feel you've the right to touch me Cause I asked for it In my little mini skirt Think you can have it My little mini skirt It's mine all mine

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Braids playing in Seattle! #braidsmusic #seattle #showboxsodo #DeepInTheIris

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#braids stole the show for me tonight. #showboxsodo #seattle

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