Friday, July 10, 2015

Uncanny interview

Nice interview from Japan at Uncanny. An excerpt:

You’ve mentioned on your twitter account that you support the pro-choice position. What brought you to tweet about that?

I’ve been following the continuing referendums that occur within the USA for abortions to become difficult to achieve or be made illegal. I follow a lot of pro feminist accounts on Twitter that often post about political injustices towards women and one day I just felt so annoyed by seeing yet another debate occurring about closing more sexual health clinics or making abortion illegal. In my eyes it is the individual female’s choice to decide what she does with her body. Not some person in a suit. And it’s 2015 ! I can’t believe that we still have this debate. It floors me.

“Sore Eyes” describes the dangers of watching pornography and addiction, and the problem that watching it online removes the sense of realism. What’s your take on this issue?

I wouldn’t say it describes the dangers. Pornography isn’t dangerous, I just think it can skew our view of sexuality. The expectation of what sex should be changes, and from my own personal experience, it can become something that is impersonal, that makes you feel like you’re not ‘performing’ well. Pornography is huge in promoting discrimination and the objectification of women. There needs to be a discussion about what we are viewing, particularly while kids are growing up and into adulthood .

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