Saturday, July 18, 2015


From oki-ni: Montreal-based trio Braids’ mix is inspired by the band’s recent tour in Asia. Providing an antidote for the bustling streets of the continent’s cities, it features mellow, atmospheric tracks from Bill Evans and Deerhunter alongside custom vocal samples recorded in Shanghai’s Hongqiao airport.

After releasing their third record Deep In The Iris on Montreal's burgeoning Arbutus imprint, (also home to fellow MIX SERIES contributors Blue Hawaii) Braids have been busy touring across Asia.

Amongst the hustle and bustle of some of the continent's largest cities including Tokyo, Hong Kong and Shanghai, the band felt themselves searching for a moment of calm:

“The original theme we had in mind for this mix was 'Cotton Candy', the idea being we pull together a run of bursting pop tracks, sparkled and bright.  We've been touring in Asia the last few weeks, and while trying to make this 'Cotton Candy' mix, I kept being drawn back to calmer, more explorative music, mostly instrumental, atmospheric, warm.

“Perhaps it's the overload of being in Asia for the first time, seeing these endlessly enormous cities, fractured and overflowing, disparate and stimulating.  So much sensory input all the time, resulting in a desire for music that's more therapeutic, something to reground with.”

Offering a moment of relief from the unrelenting noise of any city, Braids' mix features a range of subdued, mellow tracks from Bill Evans, Deerhunter and Flash Palace, alongside a vocal sample recorded by the band at Shanghai's Hongqiao airport.

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1. Flash Palace - (IS)
2. Autechre - Rae
3. Family Music - Untitled
4. Azeda Booth - Ben
5. Flash Palace - moveice=blueair
6. Bill Evans - Alice In Wonderland
7. Morgan Greenwood - humidife
8. Deerhunter - Tape Hiss Orchid
9. Morgan Greenwood - mic gun19
10. Flow Child - Cool Rider
11. Free Nude Celebs - Fwiends

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