Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Redefine interview with Raphaelle

Redefine has a great article and interview with Raphaelle about the Miniskirt video. An excerpt:

Can you tell me about the decision to work with/as a male director on a feminist track? What kind of unique perspective do you think that may have brought?

Kevan just had the best ideas. And he is a soft and compassionate man. I was a little nervous at first. I thought “I have to work with a woman; only a woman would understand.” But I was extremely clear with what I wanted, and made sure Kevan understood me. I had a very prominent role in the decisions made for this video, so I was the ‘female’ element of the video. It was good to work with a man, because this song isn’t just for women, it’s for men as well. One of my favourite things as of late is when I see men in the audience singing all the lyrics to “Miniskirt”. My heart explodes !

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