Friday, May 15, 2015

Wonderland playlist & haikus

From Wonderland Magazine:

After the success of 2011′s Native Speaker and 2013′s Flourish//Perish, Braids (Raphaelle Standell, Austin Tufts, and Taylor Smith) retreated to the mountains to record album number three. Encircled by nothing but nature, they settled in the mountains of Arizona, Vermont and upstate New York and explored their connections as a band, stripping themselves of day to day realities.

Deep In The Iris emerged as what they consider their strongest record to date and with its notable use of acoustic instruments and electronic characteristics, is their most accessible. Sure to win them plenty of new fans and keep the old admirers’ affections, maintaining their signature experimental feel. In their downtime on tour, they created us a 10 ten playlist along with haikus, further emphasising their fondness for staying away from the mainstream.

Listen to the laylist and read the haikus here.

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