Monday, April 20, 2015

Interview at Noisey

New interview at Noisey. Here's an excerpt:

Can you explain the line "I'm not a man-hater, I enjoy them like cake"?

RSP: To me it’s very self-explanatory, because I think feminists are oftentimes misunderstood as man-haters. And I knew that what I was saying had undertones of feminism within it, and so I’m just stating that I’m not a man-hater. I enjoy loving men. I enjoy having sex. And that’s basically what it’s saying, I enjoy them like I do cake.

So you like cake a lot?

RSP: [Laughs] I really love cake and I guess another thing to about enjoying men like cake, it’s also making a reference to a woman who is sexually adventurous, which the song talks about with “I’m a slut, a bitch, a whore.” If you do, like Taylor Swift, appear to have more than one boyfriend, you get called all sorts of things. It’s an homage to that. Go Taylor go! I love that ‘screw you’ song of hers.

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