Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Interview at The Main

Interview with Austin at The Main, where he shares some exciting news about more music being released soon, including '13' which is now called 'Sweet World'. An excerpt:

"If the release of Deep In The Iris wasn’t exciting enough, Tufts shared that “Miniskirt” will be accompanied by visuals when Braids releases their video for the single this week. Braids also hope to develop some of the leftover material from the Deep In The Iris sessions: “we have three other songs that are done that didn’t make the record, that I think are very strong and then there are another ten or twelve songs that are half finished or just ideas that are all still very exciting and we want to wrap them up with the same sort of creative energy that we had, and that we still have from those recording retreats.” Tufts also adds that “there’s another song called “Sweet World” some people know it as “13” […] was going to be on the record but it just didn’t fit with the whole vision of it. That’s going to be coming out in the next year, for sure.”

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